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Shipping cost to Poltava - 150 UAH

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By size:medium
Product's components:Ferrero Rocher 300 g, Raffaello 150 g, mandarins/oranges, 1,5 kg, champagne Martini Asti 0,75 l
Product's features:Under the price is meant the cost of providing the service delivery of products from the supermarket, but not the sale of alcoholic beverages. All costs are included in the price. The appearance of the goods and their manufacturer may differ from those shown in the photo. Some components of this product can be replaced in accordance with replacement policies
Delivery features:This product can be delivered in Poltava. Check the possibility of delivery in another city before placing an order

Basket with champagne, sweets and fruits

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Shipping cost to Poltava - 150 UAH

Delivery is carried out in any village of Poltava region. If the village where you need the delivery is not in the list - contact us and we will inform you the cost of delivery to the settlement you need.

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